ESOS Register

AEE register of ESOS qualified Lead Energy Assessors

This register shows the details of Certified Energy Managers International (CEM-I) and Certified Energy Auditors International (CEA-I) who are available to act as Lead Assessors under the UK Government's Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS).

This register is held by the international certification registers of the Association of Energy Engineers. Enquirers must make their own enquiries to establish the professional suitability of potential assessors and use this register only for the purpose of confirming that an individual is available and enti tled to act in the capacity of a Lead Assessor (LA). This register must not be used to infer the suitability of anyone’s qualifications or experience.

Eligibility can be checked by reference to the master register held by the AEE, Atlanta GA. Please go to the query form, set the country and search for 'CEMI' or 'CEAI' certification types.

Not listed?. Individuals on AEE's 'Certified Energy Manager - International' or 'Certified Energy Auditor - International' list can apply for inclusion in the register by email to the UKAEE secretary.


How to become a Lead Assessor

To become a Lead Assessor on the UKAEE register, you have to be an AEE Certified Energy Manager (CEM) or Certified Energy Auditor (CEA)

Existing CEM or CEA status:

If you are a CEM or CEA, please email to apply.

The process for joining the ESOS Lead Assessors register is as follows:

  • The applicant supplies the following information
    • Name
    • Work availability
    • Email
    • Postal address (for invoicing)
    • Postcode
    • Telephone
    • Country
    • Sectors
    • CEM-I or CEA-I?
    • Expiry date
  • UKAEE confirms the applicant is qualified on the Master list at AEE
  • The applicant sends a PAS 51215 self-assessment form (which the applicant will have if they have recently completed the training in UK or Ireland)
  • UKAEE has the self-assessment confirmed
  • UKAEE sends an invoice
    • For internal assessors the cost is £25 and external or consultants available for third party work the cost is £75 per annum. Please note, the first year fee is included in the cost of the CEA and CEM training. 
  • On confirmation of the payment of the invoice the applicant will be added to the list

New candidates for CEM or CEA status:

The CEM training and examinations are held regularly in the UK and details can be found by clicking CEM Training. For further details of both CEM and CEA certifications in the UK and Ireland please visit AEE.


Certified professionals are bound by AEE's code of conduct. Complaints about their conduct should be referred in the first instance to UKAEE secretary for onward transmission to AEE.


Please refer to the following external links below for more information about the latest UK ESOS publications such as the regulations and compliance guidance:

Summary of ESOS

ESOS Guidance

ESOS Regulations

ESOS Policy Information – e.g. Government Consultation Response & Impact Assessment 


ESOS Lead Assessors

##work availabilityEmail PostcodeTelephoneCountrySectorsCEM or CEA?Expiry        
1Adam Vucelich.externalAdam.Vucelich@alcoa.com37919865-594-4802US31/12/2018
2Alan 8HH01926 843442UKMulti site organisations, retail, hospitality, leisure, workshops. Transport31/12/2018
3Andy Gibsoninternal onlyNANANAUK31/12/2017
4Andrés Ortuñoexternalandres.ortuno@aeespain.org34600490630SpainCEM-I31/12/2015
5Andrew 8BT07917 394620UKAirports, MOD bases, Public sector buildings31/12/2018
6Andrew  5HQ01484 843867UKAll sectors except off-shore31/12/2018
7Andrew Strohexternalstrohaj@gmail.com43004(812) 223-0364US31/12/2018
8Andy Wheelerexternalandrew.wheeler@uniper.energyME5 9RT07753 291164UKManufacturing, Industrial, Paper, commercial, education and medicalCEM-I31/12/2018
9Ari 7ET07816 684801UKManufacturing, warehousing and industrial (across all sizes of ferrous, non-ferrous, chemical, food and beverage, power generation, energy from waste and other industries).31/12/2018
10Ben 8QH08452 699517UKSector experience - retail, property, leisure, banking31/12/2018
11Bob Robinsonexternalbrobinson@slrconsulting.comM50 3UB07814 050812UKIndustrial, manufacturing and processing: chemical, pharmaceutical, minerals, quarrying, food and drink, steel, metals, pulp and paper, supermarkets, mining (open cast), wood products, animal feed, warehousing, agricultural products, aerospace31/12/2018
11Bob Sutcliffeexternalbobsut@enviro-consult.com00353 1 276 1428UKindustrial, commercialCEM-I12/31/2018
12Brian Scannellinternal onlyNANANAEIRECEM-I31/12/2017
13Chris Dicksonexternalchris-dickson@btconnect.comLL13 0HH01978 711925UKHVAC / Cooling Processes / General Industrial and Manufacturing / Retail and Commercial buildings31/12/2018
14Chris 7AS0844 225 1166UKIndustrial (Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, General Manufacturing), Multi-site Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality & Leisure31/12/2019
15Chris 0HX020 3179 0420UKCommercial, Offices, Retail, Education, In-Construction, Renewables31/12/2018
16Christian 8HW01786 458888UKAll public and non-domestic buildings 31/12/2018
17Claire 7EH01443 811075UKCommercial and Industrial sectors31/12/2018
18Catherine ThornexternalCatherine_Thorn@golder.comM5H 3L51 (416) 366 6999Canadaindustrial sector, including manufacturing and miningCEM-I31/12/2016
19Christopher 2TT0121 4142559UKGeneral buildings31/12/2017
20Colin Braidwoodexternalcolinbraidwood@gmail.comPL9 0BT07720 494007UKCEM-I31/12/2018
21Conor Molloyexternalweb@authentic.ie0208 1236751EIRETransport, Fleet, ICT, Services31/12/2018
22Costas Panagiotakopoulosexternalc.panagiotakopoulos@gmail.comNW9 9AW07719 743387UKOffices, commercial, educationalCEA-I31/12/2018
23Craig 7YG077400 76024UKIndustrial (Process, Fabrication or Assembly) including Engineering, Automotive, Aerospace, Plastics, FMCG, F&B, Pharma31/12/2018
24Dale Lagonexternaldlagon@ec4b.com14534585-641-7121US31/12/2018
24Daniel Coakleyexternaldaniel.coakley@energyservices.ie00353 872 285 147EIRECommercial, Industrial (Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical), Retail, Public Buildings - including Energy, Water and HVAC31/12/2017
25Dave Greenexternal? 5BS??01743 360055?UKAllCEM-I31/12/2019
26David Dunbarexternaldavid.dunbar@whitbread.comLE10 2GG07818581821UKHotels and RestaurantsCEM-I31/12/2019
27David Jeansinternal onlyNANANAUKCEM-I31/12/2018
28David 3DD07935 391409UKAll31/12/2018
29David 5AS01628 851851SAindustrial sector, including food and beverage, manufacturing and mining31/12/2016
30David Powleslandexternaldavid.powlesland@carbontrust.comCF1107515 586996UKManufacturing & Commercial SitesCEM-I31/12/2018
31David ThomasexternalDgthomas@savills.comW1G 0JD07939 133560UKAllCEM-I31/12/2018
32David Wintertonexternalvalleyviewenergy@aol.comRG42 3SW07929 787062UKConstruction, Civil Engineering, Transport, Retail, Offices31/12/2017
33Dr Clare 8RQ01224 279625UKCommercial, industrial and third sector premises31/12/2017
34Duncan Wrightexternalduncan.wright21@btinternet.comM22 5TG07590 18 6680UKIndustrial, Manufacturing31/12/2018
35Eamonn O’ Donovanexternaleodonovan@energy.ie353 021 432 0480EIRE31/12/2018
36Emily Sherwoodinternal onlyNANANAUKCEM-I31/12/2019
37Emmanuel 7AS07973 824730UKSteel, automotive & food manufacturing31/12/2018
38Eric Ruffelexternaleric.ruffel@ch2m.com80112(720) 286-2765USCommercial, Manufacturing, Industrial31/12/2018
39Fergus Wheatleyexternalfergus.wheatley@smartpower.ie00353 863807914EIREIndustrial, Commercial, Building services, Hotels, Controls31/12/2018
40Gavin Osborneexternalgcosborne@gmail.comEIRECEM-I31/12/2018
41Garrett PrendivilleexternalPrendiville-garrett@aramark.ie00353857184901EIRE31/12/2018
42Georges Seilexternalgeorges.seil@biz-consultant.net00352 23638125LUXIndustrial (Meat, Fruit & Vegetables, Wood, Aluminium, Copper, Recycling), Multisite Retail, General Manufacturing31/12/2017
47George Mosomi 3AH7871637987UKRenewable Energy, Energy Storage, Energy EfficiencyCEM-I31/12/2019
43Ger Purtillexternalinfo@purtillconsulting.com00 353 87 6653958EIREFood,industrial, SMEs and public sector31/12/2018
44Gerard Buckleyexternalgmbuckley@gmail.com00353 872537874EIRE or IrelandAllCEM-I31/12/2018
45Giovanni 7AS0844 225 1166UKPublic and Commercial Buildings, Food, Chemical and Plastic manufacturing, Renewables, RHI31/12/2018
46Graham Cromanexternalgraham_croman@baxter.com60073(224) 270-5249US31/12/2018
47Graham Whalleyexternalgrwhalley@yahoo.com30097678-473-9507US31/12/2018
48Harry O'Farrellexternalhofarrell@energy.ie353 021 432 0480EIRECEA-I31/12/2018
49Howard 8SZ07956 934193UKRetail, Offices, Hotels, Education, Some Transport31/12/2018
50Ian Boylanexternalian.boylan@targetenergy.ie00 353 862 353 888EIREPharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical and food31/12/2019
51Ian Durninexternalian.durnin@enerate.ie00 353 868198594EIRECommercial, retail, manufacturing, financial, public.31/12/2018
52James Conroyexternaljconroy@capstoneenergy.ie353 87 977 4037EIREPharmaceutical, Food Manufacturing, Manufacturing others, Healthcare, Retail & CommercialCEM-I31/12/2017
53James Hughesexternaljames@ssd.giNW10 7LQ07031906774UKGeneral buildings, office, leisure, education, multi-site retail, healthcare, hotels and accommodationCEA-I31/12/2019
54James Pollingtoninternal onlyNANANAUKCEM-I31/12/2017
55Jay 1BT07503 499467UKRetail, Offices, Hotels, Education, Commercial and Industrial Buildings31/12/2018
57Joao Luis Sobralexternaljoasobral@gmail.comST7 1NE07787 757699UKBuilding services. Industrial sector31/12/2017
58John Barkerexternalbarkerenergy@outlook.comS61 2QN44 (0) 7931 658 167UKPharmaceutical, Food Manufacturing, Manufacturing – others, Healthcare & Commercial.CEM-I31/12/2018
59John Clearyexternaljohn.cleary@siemens.com00 353 863 868380EIREIndustrial, Automation, IT, Electrical, Food and Beverage, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Mining, Building services, Data Centre31/12/2016
60John Fordeinternal onlyNANANAEIRECEM-I31/12/2017
61John 4NN44 (0)7796 997974UKManufacturing, Industrial, Technology, BuildingsCEM-I31/12/2019
63John Mocklerexternaljohnmockler@eircom.net353-87-610 6188EIRECEM-I31/12/2017
64Karthik Sureshexternalksuresh@ameresco.comUKALLCEM-I31/12/2018
65Katharine McCormickexternalkate.mccormick@spie.comEC3V 0BT0207 1052343UKCommercial, Art Galleries, Education, Healthcare & Leisure, Heritage sites, Pharmaceutical, Data Centres, some Transport31/12/2018
66Ken Mc Elhinneyexternalken@kmce.ie353 86 245 3251EIREIndustrial, Food Processing, Pharma, Biomedical, CommercialCEA-I31/12/2018
67Kevin Coulingexternalkevin.couling@aecom.comBS1 6NA07921 646057UKCommercial, financial, manufacturing, technology31/12/2018
68Kristina 8HR07941 192229UKManufacturing; General buildings including heritage, leisure, retail and office31/12/2018
69Dr. Kyle 2AP01913 006161UKBuildings, Industrial, Transport and Renewable Energy31/12/2018
70Liam McLaughlinexternalliam.mclaughlin@geneu.euUKPharmaceutical, food, micro-electronics, commercialCEM-I31/12/2017
71Liam Rockexternalliam.rock@spie.comB80 7AS07975 321344UKIndustrial (Pharmaceutical, Food manufacturing) Public and Commercial buildings, Healthcare, Hospitality & Leisure31/12/2018
72Mairead Dohertyexternalmairead.doherty@siemens.com00 353 863 868380EIREIndustrial, Food and Beverage, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Mining, Building services, Data Centre31/12/2017
73Marco Cardenasexternalmarco_cardenas@baxter.com60035224-948-4248US31/12/2018
74Maria Jose Rivas DuarteexternalMaria@rge.ie00 353 91 397 977EIREAllCEA-I31/12/2018
75Martyn Gilbertexternalmartyn.gilbert@biu.comFY8 2NA01253 789816UKManufacturing & Power generation/distribution, General Office buildings, Multi-site retail, Hotels and Commercial/financial buildings31/12/2018
76Melanie Shielinternal onlyNAME2 1JYNAUKOffices and commercial31/12/2018
77Michael Muscottexternalmike_muscott@btinternet.comS45 8BG07739 868143UKIndustrial31/12/2018
78Michael Uhlexternalmichael.s.uhl@gmail.com10170484-553-4570US31/12/2018
79Micheál processing, pharma, cement,  built environment31/12/2018
80Michael Greenexternalmgreen@scottishpower.comUKCEM-I31/12/2017
81Mohammed 2TT0121 414 8159UKCommercialCEM-I31/12/2017
82Nicholas Pennellexternalnick.pennell@laverypennell.comDE6 2EF07900 16 3237UKprocess industries, general manufacturing, engineering, logistics31/12/2018
84Noel GilbrideexternalNoel@rge.ie00 353 66 711 7443EIREAllCEA-I31/12/2018
85Owain 7EH01443 810 404UKIndustrial and commercial sectors31/12/2018
87Paul 8RN07830 181648UKCommercial, Retail , General Buildings, HVAC & Building Management Systems.31/12/2018
88Paul MacDonaldexternalpaul.macdonald@goodrich-uk.comOX11 0QQ01235 821500UKEngineering (all: automotive, electronic, aerospace, etc)31/12/2018
89Paul Rabbitteexternalpaul.rabbitte@siemens.com00 353 86 386 8125EIREIndustrial, Food and Beverage, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Mining, Building services, Data Centre31/12/2017
90Paul StevensexternalGlobalGSE@dpworld.com09715 6216 8825USAMaritime, Ports31/12/2016
91Peter Colemanexternalpcoleman@epaltd.com00 353 1615 5660EIREBuilding Energy Management Systems31/12/2017
92Peter 8ES01828 633733UKCommercial, Leisure, Retail, IndustrialCEM-I31/12/2018
93Peter Mooreexternalinfo@asmgroup.ie00 353 240 9072EIREEducation, Retail, Construction, Commercial, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Food & Drink31/12/2018
94Philip 3EP07968 313014UKHigher Education; Tyre Manufacture; Plastics; Tube Manufacture; Metal-forming31/12/2018
95Peter Penninternal onlyNANANAEIRECEM-I31/12/2018
96Philip 5PD01228 549602UKgeneral manufacturing, paper manufacturing, NHS, tourism, SME’s,31/12/2018
97Rajvant 5RE07989 407426UKALL31/12/2018
98Raul Cabrero Martinexternalraul.cabrero@geneu.euSpainIndustrialCEM-I31/12/2018
99Ray McKeownexternalRay.McKeown@ie.spiraxsarco.com00 353 21 437 4493EIREIndustrial, pharmaceutical, food and drink31/12/2017
100Rebecca Lemen-Hogarthexternalbec@greenconsultancy.comBA3 4BH08450 176 300UKGeneral buildings, office, leisure, education, multi-site retail, healthcare, hotels and accommodation31/12/2017
101Richard 1RD01224 624624UKAll31/12/2018
102Richard 5BX01752 268002UKIndustrial, Leisure, Retail and Commercial31/12/2018
103Richard Morleyexternalrichard.energymgt@gmail.comDN9 1JH07734 061168UKSteel and Metals Manufacture, and Mechanical  Engineering31/12/2018
104Richard Wohaskaexternalrichard.wohaska@erm.com14534585-387-0510US31/12/2018
105Rita Margaridointernal onlyNANANAUKCEM-I31/12/2018
106Ross 7EH01443 811074UKCommercial and Industrial sectors31/12/2018
107Russell 0TX07803 397 549UKAllCEM-I31/12/2018
108Ruth Dwyerinternal onlyNANANAUKOffice, Catering, Education, Sports & Leisure, Laboratories, Public Buildings, Residential, Some TransportCEM-I31/12/2019
109Scott Dusenburyexternals.dusenbury@fowlermep.com44146440-786-9777USAll31/12/2018
110Sean Doyleexternalsean.doyle@enistic.com00 353 879 064609EIRERetail, Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Manufacturing, Data Centre, Office / HVAC31/12/2017
111Sean Sirrexternalsean.sirr@bilfinger.com00353 871 884 022EIREAllCEM-I31/12/2018
112Stephen Barkerexternalstephen.barker@siemens.comM20 2UR0161 446532UKIndustrial31/12/2017
112Steve Oweninternal onlyNALL1 5HXNAUKPlastics processingCEM-I31/12/2019
113Stewart 6EH0113 234 3443UKCommercial & Retail31/12/2017
114Tim Burrowsexternaltim@northmoregordon.comUSCEM-I31/12/2017
122Thomas Stottexternaltstott1@sky.comSR2 7JY07412 682384UKAutomotive, ManufacturingCEM-I31/12/2019
115Vilnis Vesmaexternalvilnis@vesma.comGL18 1PS01531 821350UKIndustrial (engineering, paper, pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, building materials). General buildings, transport.31/12/2019
116Walter BrockwayJr.externalwalter.brockway@alcoa.com37902(865) 594-4624US31/12/2018
117William Murrayexternalbmurray@ec4b.com14534585-746-1268US31/12/2018
118Xiang ChengExternal and
119Yassen Roussevinternal onlyNANANAUKCEM-I31/12/2019
121Molly Wanginternal onlyNA
123Vinay V Gadikarexternalvinaygenergy@gmail.com41100791 84229 60001IndiaIron & Steel, Pulp & Paper, Automobile, Cement, Pharmaceuticals, Commercial extablishmentsCEM-I31/12/2020

''Fees for the ESOS register have been retained at £75 for the year 2016 for external assessors. Fees for internal assessors only will be £25. A re-application fee will be charged at £150 for members that re-apply to go on the register following a lapsed membership of more than two years.''